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                             THE INDOOR RUNS

Shown here is one of our jumbo runs. We have two of them that are 5' by 10'  for giant breeds or large families. 







This is one of our normal runs, They are 4' by 10' this is where all the dogs will stay.  The dogs can be kept separate, of if you wish, we can find your dog a buddie to room and play with. 

All dogs are taken outdoors 4 times a day, fed twice a day, and offered outdoor play time  (with or without buddies as per request).   They are also given bed to sleep in, fed twice a day, and treats after playtime.






outside time!


Shown here is one of our 4 outdoor playyards.  All dogs are taken out  at least 4 times a day, and offered either single, or group play times. 

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